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Here's what some of our clients say about us...

Daksha was extremely helpful - knowledgeable and insightful. I hadn’t met with a psychologist before but have felt I wanted that perspective on a particular issue.

Mrs. T.A.

I had a great first session with Daksha. She asked all the right questions yet left space for me to open up about various issues free from judgement. I felt confident at the end of it.

Miss J.P.

I am extremely grateful to Daksha for all the work we have done together over the last year. I reached out to her in a period of heightened anxiety in the hope of finding short term improvement. She provided it.

Mrs. D.C-L.

I knew I needed help desperately but having already spent thousands of pounds on therapy with little success I was wary. I decided to give it one last try. From the first moment Dr Hirani was so kind and understanding. I felt she really understood my struggles. When she told me I would only need a handful of sessions I was sceptical. But we have been gradually increasing the time between sessions and hopefully before long I won’t need regular therapy. She’s honestly changing my life.

Mr P.B.

Daksha also has a wonderful ability to make sense… of a lot of cluttered information I would share with her, breaking the challenges down and taking it step by step. I would highly recommend her. 

Ms M.R.

I loved my first session with Daksha, and I am very much looking forward to continuing. She has a very kind energy and makes me feel welcome to open-up without judgement. She helps me figure things out by listening and offering insight.

Miss K.T.

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