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Here's what some of our clients say about our programme...

Daksha was extremely helpful - knowledgeable and insightful. I hadn’t met with a psychologist before but have felt I wanted that perspective on a particular issue.

Mrs. T.A.

I had a great first session with Daksha. She asked all the right questions yet left space for me to open up about various issues free from judgement. I felt confident at the end of it.

Miss J.P.

I am extremely grateful to Daksha for all the work we have done together over the last year. I reached out to her in a period of heightened anxiety in the hope of finding short term improvement. She provided it.

Mrs. D.C-L.

I knew I needed help desperately but having already spent thousands of pounds on therapy with little success I was wary. I decided to give it one last try. From the first moment Dr Hirani was so kind and understanding. I felt she really understood my struggles. When she told me I would only need a handful of sessions I was sceptical. But we have been gradually increasing the time between sessions and hopefully before long I won’t need regular therapy. She’s honestly changing my life.

Daksha also has a wonderful ability to make sense… of a lot of cluttered information I would share with her, breaking the challenges down and taking it step by step. I would highly recommend her. 

Ms M.R.

I loved my first session with Daksha, and I am very much looking forward to continuing. She has a very kind energy and makes me feel welcome to open-up without judgement. She helps me figure things out by listening and offering insight.

Miss K.T.

Here is a course delivered by a clinical psychologist who is not just coming at the subject of narcissistic abuse from a theoretical perspective, but also as someone who has experienced it herself - and healed herself using sound psychotherapeutic principles she offers in this course. If you are struggling to get over a narcissistic relationship, I recommend it.”

Dr Supriya McKenna, Narcissism Expert and author of the no. 1 Amazon bestseller, ‘Divorcing a Narcissist - the lure, the loss and the law’.

“The Parmi Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Programme has been invaluable to my healing journey.  This unique course has helped me understand how to harness the power within me to equip myself with the tools to look forward and leave the trauma embedded in me behind.

The mix of encouragement to take bold steps, and the gentle and compassionate nature of the course delivery from Dr Hirani, is so perfectly targeted to women like me who have experienced the abuse I have faced.

I found the validation I craved, the voice I had lost and the hope of a beautiful future is attainable as I was able to work through all the effects of narcissistic abuse.

I strongly recommend this programme to who all who need that support to live freely from oppression.”


​The effects of Narcissistic Abuse are very real and the mental, emotional and physical toll is immense. Dr. Hirani’s programme offers practical support that facilitates self awareness and real transformation. 

 Not only do I feel that I am healing from the traumatic aftermath of Narcissistic Abuse, but I feel hopeful and positive about the future. After many years of being trapped in the narcissistic web of control, this program offers valuable support in reclaiming one’s life.

​ I look forward to a life where I can thrive/feel truly alive again, as every survivor of Narcissistic Abuse deserves to. For anyone that has fallen prey to the narcissist, I can’t recommend this programme enough.

Thank you Dr. Hirani.”

Ms A.B.

When it comes to recovering after narcissistic abuse, it’s difficult to find someone who not only understands what you’ve been through but also has the credentials, expertise, and personal experience to show you the path forward. Dr. Daksha Hirani leads survivors of narcissistic abuse with a gentle hand to a better life waiting for them, believing that it doesn’t have to be a life sentence and thriving afterward is more than possible as she has experienced firsthand. Daksha’s Parmi Programme covers every step of the healing process after narcissistic abuse, including the self-reflection work necessary for survivors to do in order to take back their power from the narcissist who hurt them. With a calm and soothing presence, Daksha offers a hand-holding experience for anyone who has experienced narcissistic abuse. As a fellow survivor and recovery coach, I highly recommend her program. 


Suzanna Quintanna Founder of The Narcissist Relationship Recovery Program

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