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Have you had to deal with disrespect, lies, distortions, slander, and smear campaigns from a difficult individual? Do you find them to be entitled, uncompromising, controlling and manipulative? Have you found yourself in an impossible situation with toxic person?

If so, you may be a victim of narcissistic abuse.

Some say one can never fully recover from narcissistic abuse. I beg to differ. 

Recovery is when you are able to live a life that works for you. Behave and speak in a way that works for you. Be the person you value yourself to be. All this without the narcissist dictating your life. 

The programme is intended to :-

  • help you regain your confidence and break free of the chains of narcissistic abuse.

  • It is designed to start you on the path to full recovery. It lays out a step-by-step process which you can follow at your own pace. There are 10 modules, with worksheets where appropriate, to be followed in sequence. 

  • To ensure true recovery from narcissistic abuse, this programme is based on your experience.  I invite you to complete it without jumping modules, finishing the exercises as they come up. 

  • After completion, I encourage you to revisit any or all sections, whenever needed, to strengthen what you have learnt and therefore your recovery. Different aspects will resonate at different times. Recovery is a process and rarely a straight line. Go with the pace your mind and body will follow.  


It is Parmi's hope that all who wish to join this healing journey can do without cost being a barrier.  If you are unable to meet the cost, please e-mail us on  It will be our pleasure to discuss available options.  



Given that narcissistic abuse is very personal, completing an online programme to help with it may sound quite confusing. We have compiled a list of responses for some questions that you may have, organised according to the purpose of this programme, how to complete it, and the programme content. If you still have questions about the programme, feel free to contact us by email at, via webchat, or other means outlined below.


Purpose of this Programme


Will this programme fix narcissistic abuse? Although the narcissist has inflicted tremendous pain, that you most definitely don’t deserve, this programme does not aim to change or "fix" the narcissist. Instead, this programme hopes to foster a power from within, a mindset that empowers you to stop responding to the words and actions of the narcissist, as well as equip you with tools to deal with the unhelpful emotions, thoughts, sensations or memories caused by the abuse, This way, you can spend your time and effort on what you truly value, and live a life on your terms and not the narcissists.


Is this programme only for improving romantic relationships or marriages?


Narcissistic abuse can occur in any type of interpersonal relationships, including but not limited to romantic relationships or marriages. Narcissistic abuse can be seen in friendships, family relationships, and colleagues in the workplace. While narcissistic abuse may be commonly associated with romantic relationships or marriages, as you complete the programme, you may well realise how narcissistic abuse has influenced you in other types of relationships too.


Can this programme replace therapy?


Completing this programme and having therapy sessions are two parallel routes of seeking support for what you have been through. The former is a way of self-help where you can work at your own pace, while the latter is a method to seek professional one to one support. Once cannot replace the other. The effectiveness of self-help and seeking professional help varies from individual to individual, so it comes down to you when evaluating whether completing this programme or having therapy sessions is more useful, or both could be helpful.


How much time should I spend to complete this programme?


You are in charge of the pace in completing this programme. This programme can be completed in as little as a few weeks, or as much as few months, as long as it feels right for you. You are also encouraged to take your time in reflecting on your experience with our handouts and completing the exercises in the programme.


Should I complete the modules in order?


We recommended that you complete the modules in order. Whilst it may be tempting to jump between modules, this programme is set up specifically so that it builds on skills learnt in earlier modules. Even if you have prior knowledge about the topic or may wish to jump between modules, we encourage you to go through the modules in order. After you have completed the entire programme, given you will have lifetime access to the programme, you may wish to revisit parts that resonate most with you. That is encouraged. Take whatever support you need to help you along your healing journey.


Content of the Programme - How is this programme delivered?


The programme is delivered asynchronously with a mixture of videos, handouts, or exercises, and quizzes. The videos help you through relevant concepts. You can then use the handouts or exercises to apply the concepts to your personal experience and delve deeper into specific the specific concepts discussed in the videos. The quizzes are there to consolidate your understanding and are not graded in any way.


How long will the content be available to me?


You have lifetime access to this programme. You can complete the programme at your own pace once you have purchased it. Please note that programme materials may be updated from time to time to improve accessibility and clarity.


Is there a way for me to connect with other programme participants?


It is natural that you would like to gain further support from connecting and interacting with other participants. However, this is currently not available. Some narcissists may stalk our participants electronically, so offering an online forum or comment sections may put our participants in a more vulnerable position. For safeguarding purposes, this programme will not offer participants to connect with each other. There are, however, other accredited forums you can go to for support. Should you wish to have details of these please reach out to us and we will gladly signpost you.

If I have questions or concerns, how should I contact you? 


You can reach out to us by:

• Email at

• Webchat (click the “Contact Us” button at the bottom left corner to start a chat)

• Submitting a Contact Form (

• Phone at +44 7467 596 697



“Dr Hirani’s online course uses principles and techniques which she uses with her in-person clients, to help them to recover and heal from narcissistic relationships and abuse. Victims so often have the tendency to concentrate on the narcissist in their lives, but she really enables them to shift the focus back on to themselves in this course. It’s delivered with her trademark empathic style, and you can take it at your own pace. Here is a course delivered by a clinical psychologist who is not just coming at the subject of narcissistic abuse from a theoretical perspective, but also as someone who has experienced it herself - and healed herself using sound psychotherapeutic principles she offers in this course. If you are struggling to get over a narcissistic relationship, I recommend it.”

Dr Supriya McKenna, Narcissism Expert and author of the no. 1 Amazon bestseller, ‘Divorcing a Narcissist - the lure, the loss and the law’.

“The Parmi Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Programme has been invaluable to my healing journey.

This unique course has helped me understand how to harness the power within me to equip myself with the tools to look forward and leave the trauma embedded in me behind.

The mix of encouragement to take bold steps, and the gentle and compassionate nature of the course delivery from Dr Hirani, is so perfectly targeted to women like me who have experienced the abuse I have faced.

I found the validation I craved, the voice I had lost and the hope of a beautiful future is attainable as I was able to work through all the effects of narcissistic abuse.

I strongly recommend this programme to who all who need that support to live freely from oppression.”


When it comes to recovering after narcissistic abuse, it’s difficult to find someone who not only understands what you’ve been through but also has the credentials, expertise, and personal experience to show you the path forward. Dr. Daksha Hirani leads survivors of narcissistic abuse with a gentle hand to a better life waiting for them, believing that it doesn’t have to be a life sentence and thriving afterward is more than possible as she has experienced firsthand. Daksha’s Parmi Programme covers every step of the healing process after narcissistic abuse, including the self-reflection work necessary for survivors to do in order to take back their power from the narcissist who hurt them. With a calm and soothing presence, Daksha offers a hand-holding experience for anyone who has experienced narcissistic abuse. As a fellow survivor and recovery coach, I highly recommend her program.


Suzanna Quintana, Founder of The Narcissist Relationship Recovery Program

“I recently completed Dr. Hirani’s Narcissistic Abuse Healing Programme.  Dr. Hirani offers incredible insight into the complexities of narcissistic abuse and practical advice on how to process, recover and heal from the abuse.

As I worked through her program I was able to gain a better understanding of narcissism and use her methods to move forward.

​The effects of Narcissistic Abuse are very real and the mental, emotional and physical toll is immense. Dr. Hirani’s programme offers practical support that facilitates self awareness and real transformation. 

 Not only do I feel that I am healing from the traumatic aftermath of Narcissistic Abuse, but I feel hopeful and positive about the future. After many years of being trapped in the narcissistic web of control, this program offers valuable support in reclaiming one’s life.

​ I look forward to a life where I can thrive/feel truly alive again, as every survivor of Narcissistic Abuse deserves to. For anyone that has fallen prey to the narcissist, I can’t recommend this programme enough.

Thank you Dr. Hirani.”


I have completed the programme and the module on values was a particularly enlightening one and has triggered a shift on the way I look at my life, putting my values (and not other people) at the centre. I still need to work on it, but feel I have more tools to recognize the “FOG” patterns. In moments that would have normally generated a breakdown of depression and desperation, I have gone back to my notes on “delusion and expansion techniques” and allowed myself to go through the sensations. I have not had a breakdown since I completed the course two months ago, while I used to have them on weekly basis.


I have almost finished her wonderful online course and it is amazing. She has helped so much in my recovery journey and the course is fantastic. Her honesty and integrity shine through this wonderful course. I will return to it over and over again. I feel like (after so many wasted years) I am starting my recovery at last

The best investment I have ever made. What a wonderful doctor


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