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Free Mindfulness and Loving, Kindness Meditations

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Parmi would like to offer these free audio recordings to help you attend to the present. Clients report having been helped to focus in ways other apps don’t succeed due to the exactness of instructions and purity of mindfulness approach. There is no imagination or number counting involved – just attending to you as you are.


- 10 min seated mindfulness – great to start off or end off your day with a cleaner mind. - 10 min lying down mindfulness – great to wind down to bring on a deeper more refreshing sleep. - 20 min mindfulness – for those who are willing to attend that much more. - 3 min breath mindfulness – a quick exercise to do in between tasks so you enter the new task with a fresh attentive mind. - Loving Kindness meditation – Self-compassion and compassion for others are vital for a sense of wellbeing and happiness.

Always start with yourself. Without that, you cannot look after others or the world.


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