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Gursharan currently holds a senior part-time position in the NHS working alongside social care colleagues to help young people and families, those who are often marginalised in society and have experienced significant traumas and complex mental health. The other half of her role is devoted to offering a service in private practice, which focuses on helping adolescents and adults. 

Gursharan’s specialties are in offering neuro psychological assessments for Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD, Dyspraxia, and other neuro atypical diagnostic assessments.


Neuropsychological evaluations assess the ‘software’ workings of the human mind. The assessments include evaluating abilities in reading, learning, use of language, attention span, processing speed, reasoning, memory recall, problem-solving, mood, personality, interpersonal interaction and much more.  Diagnostic assessments are helpful in informing teachers, lecturers and work managers on schooling and work adjustments that are helpful so that individuals are able to achieve to their best potential.

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