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The Parmi Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Programme


Some say one can never fully recover from narcissistic abuse. I beg to differ. Recovery is when you are able to live a life that works for you. Behave and speak in a way that works for you. Be the person you value yourself to be. All this without the narcissist dictating your life. The programme is intended to help you regain your confidence and break free of the chains of narcissistic abuse. It is designed to start you on the path to full recovery. It lays out a step-by-step process which you can follow at your own pace. There are 10 modules, with worksheets where appropriate, to be followed in sequence. To ensure true recovery from narcissistic abuse, this programme is based on your experience. I invite you to complete it without jumping modules, finishing the exercises as they come up. After completion, I encourage you to revisit any or all sections, whenever needed, to strengthen what you have learnt and therefore your recovery. Different aspects will resonate at different times. Recovery is a process and rarely a straight line. Go with the pace your mind and body will follow. Welcome and onwards we go. It is Parmi's hope that all who wish to join this healing journey can do without cost being a barrier. If you are unable to meet the cost, please e-mail us on It will be our pleasure to discuss available options.


3 Plans Available, From £189.00


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