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The experience of that first consultation.

It’s not your same old…this is the heart of the City of London not Harley Street.

The first thing you see is 80 Coleman Street, a beautiful Georgian town house next to the bustle of London Wall and the grand capitalist palaces that house some of the huge global Investment Banks like Schroders. The receptionist is cheery and the waiting room cosy with the Financial Times to read. A welcoming and sincere Daksha arrives and leads you through a coffee lounge to her office. We enter her welcoming and exceedingly tidy office. No couch! Just a comfortable grey velvet sofa and a very thick rug which envelops my feet. I start talking. Daksha seems to enjoy listening to me and engages with me with a depth that I welcome and have not experienced in a long while.

This feels a happy room…I’m feeling different already.


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