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(Chartered Counselling Psychologist)



Dr. Miriam Dookhun is a HCPC registered Practitioner Psychologist and BPS Chartered Counselling Psychologist. She endeavours to practice integratively with an overarching Cognitive Behavioural Therapy framework and incorporating psychodynamic and person-centred ideas among others, where appropriate. She works in collaboration with her clients on their own personal journeys, to facilitate exploration of their unique subjective experience, alleviate their distress and empower and support them to achieve their goals, in a way that is tailored to them.

She has experience of working across different settings including the NHS, third sector organisations and the private sector. Her most recent role was Lead Psychologist of General Psychiatry in a world-renowned, private acute psychiatric hospital in Central London. Clinically, she worked with adult inpatients, day-care patients and outpatients, facilitating both group therapy and individual therapy, where she worked with a wide range of mental health difficulties. Her specialities include but are not limited to; different types of anxiety, depression, stress and interpersonal difficulties.

She has a keen interest in the ideas of attachment and loss, and her doctoral research focussed on exploring the grief experiences of identical twins that lost their co-twin in older adulthood.

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