Mental Health Challenges get more pronounced during Covid-19

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Mental health challenges have become more pronounced as the Covid-19 pandemic looms over us. Insight, awareness and self care are more important than ever before to ensure resilience and a sense of mental well-being through these changing times. You can read the BBC article highlighting this issue at

Expert Interview: Mental health at work

“Mental Health in the workplace is crucial for an effective workforce. It was a great pleasure to speak with Alastair Dryburgh about what leaders should look out for. Offering advice and signposting during uncertain times. Thank you for the opportunity.” Check out the interview here: Also, check out the Tech London Advocates website here: …

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Free Mindfulness and Loving Kindness Meditations

Parmi would like to offer these free audio recordings to help you attend to the present. Clients report having been helped to focus in ways other apps don’t succeed due to the exactness of instructions and purity of mindfulness approach. There are no imaginations or number countings involved – just attending to you as you …

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My Journey into Clinical Psychology: Podcast

It was a huge pleasure to speak on this podcast with Richard Mann sharing my personal journey into clinical psychology. Here are the links to the post and podcast-…/activity-6657988855364489217-tccf Listen at- The Mann on a Mission website: Spotify: iTunes: Thank you for listening and let me know in the comments section or by messaging …

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Mental Wellbeing

Looking after your mental wellbeing during times of social isolation can be tricky. This calendar gives some fantastic ideas. Which ones speak to you?

Mental Health Support

With Covid19 upon us, I feel fortunate to be able to offer my services at the newly opened Nightingale Hospital. Mental Health support in traumatic times. Keep well, everybody. Self-care is paramount as we help others.

Fear, Mindfulness, Immunity, and Coronavirus

As I increase my own practice of mindfulness, I encourage you all to do the same. It goes without saying that following the medical and government guidelines set is prudent. Lookingafter your physical health whilst self-isolating is prudent. But how do you improve your immunity once you have taken in all the water, healthy food, …

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HEARTFELT Diabetes: Mental health and living with diabetes

Diabetes UK and JDRF UK came together to highlight the importance of focusing on mental health for people with diabetes. I was invited to take part in the #SeeDiabetesDifferently conversation series and had a heartfelt conversation with Sandra Horgan – diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes over 50 years ago. Thank you to Quin for providing this platform …

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New Years Resolutions: Podcast

2020 has come in with gusto. It was a great privilege to speak at this BBC radio station on the concept of new years resolutions and how to approach them. The show is available on BBC iplayer.

Resilience In The Workplace

As technology advances and our knowledge of systems improves, our effectiveness and resilience ought to increase but paradoxically often the exact opposite occurs.  With information overload and a multitude of demands on our attention, it is not surprising that one can feel frantic and stretched thin.  Bringing resilience into the workplace is virtually impossible if …

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Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Mental Health

I qualified as a Chartered Clinical Psychologist over 20 years ago. Whilst this has helped with accumulating a wealth of knowledge and clinical experience, it has also meant there has been an increased need for continued professional development (CPD). As a trainee clinical psychologist in 1998 I was fortunate to observe my supervisor and I …

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Avoidance? Fuelled by CRAP

I often explore the term ‘avoidance’ with my clients during the course of therapy. What is avoidance you ask? The dictionary definition of avoidance is ‘the action of keeping away from or not doing something.’ The psychological definition refers to choosing your behaviour based on trying to avoid or escape particular thoughts or feelings. For example, one …

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